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Effective September 29, 2018, Designs by Deb has a new website.  If you purchased on Designs by Deb before September 29, you will need to register on this site.  

The registration process is easy: please fill in the fields below by providing your email address and creating a password; you can also update your address information. 

We loaded the new web site with order histories based on email addresses, so as soon as you register as a user, your new account will be associated with any previous orders using that email address.  

Please note, some customers had created multiple accounts on our old website, each with a different email address.  Previous order histories are tracked by the email address used to purchase the pattern.  If you think you had more than one Designs by Deb account, please contact us and we will consolidate all previous accounts into one account on our new website associated with your current email address. 

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